World Team Championship

World Team Championship (WTC) is an annual team tournament for the tabletop miniature game “Warhammer 40,000”.

World Team Championship (WTC)は、卓上ミニチュアゲーム「Warhammer 40,000」のチームトーナメントです。

It is the premier event of Warhammer 40K where nations from all across the world come to compete as national teams to be crowned as the World Champions.

Any nation can join the WTC as long half of their 8 men roster are citizens of that country. This makes WTC the most diverse 40K event around the world.

The event takes place during a 3 day period where national teams battle each other to collect the most points and be the Warhammer 40,000 World Champions.

この大会(3日間)は1チーム8人制で行われ、国を代表したチームが世界中から集まります。Warhammer 40,000唯一の世界大会です。


Japan Team Circuit

Tokyo Tactical is supporting the creation of a Japan team to representent Japan during the World Team Championship event.

Tokyo Tactical will put in place dedicated events under the Japan Team Circuit (JTC) banner to develop and promote Team playing in Japan, in order to assemble the best Japan team, a.k.a 40K Nihon Daihyo (40k日本代表) for the WTC.

Tokyo Tacticalは、Japan Team Circuit (JTC)を開催し、日本にてチーム戦の定着ならびにWorld Team Championshipに最強の日本チーム(40k日本代表)を送り出したいと考えています。

Look here for dedicated news around JTC and also for our team roster of current JTC members and captain.


If you have any questions about JTC do not hesitate to send us a message. JTCについて質問がある場合は、遠慮なくお問い合わせください。

Latest Articles / 最新記事
40K Nihon Daihyo / 40K日本代表
My name is Yorky. I have been playing Warhammer 40k for about 23 years and competitively for 6 years. I live in Japan since 10 years. My team is the Kumagaya French Connection (KFC), best team in Japan ! In Tokyo Tactical Tournament and competitives games, I have a win-streak of 13 months. In the 40k-Daihyo (40代表), I hope to use my experience and sangfroid to help my team to give the best image of Japan.
40K Nihon Daihyo Ronin / 40K日本代表浪人
My name is Austin, going by Austin Powers as my 40k handle. I play on team Harajuku & Motomachi (H&M). I'm the resident space marine player on Team Japan. Ive been playing the hobby for about 21 years now, and have been a tournament player since day 1. I keep a finger on the pulse of the larger 40k meta as well as the local meta here in Japan. I hope to use my player skill, and my game knowledge to make Team Japan the best warhammer 40k team in Asia.
My name is Akabane. I have been playing W40K since the 5th edition and competitively since 2014, mainly with my Eldar/Harlequin army. I have been living in Japan during 10 years and I moved back to France end of 2017. My Japanese team is KFC and the French one is FnP. I won the main events in Japan between 2015 and 2017 and I continue to learn a lot with the best French players. I am really glad to play for the Japanese team and I will do my best to honor the colors of Japan