Reborn Event Sponsors and Prizes

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Note here all the sponsors that will support that event and the great list of prizes that will be available…

Reborn Event Rescheduled in August

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To all Tokyo Tactical Team, 皆さんこんにちは、 Despite the lifting of the health emergency, it will not be possible to have our event on June 14th as…

Tokyo Tactical Twitch

Dear friends of Tokyo Tactical, Tokyo Tactical is now hosting a list of ten different twitch channels on its twitch which you can access as…

Reborn Event Tickets For Purchase

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On April 1st 1am general tickets for the reborn event of June 14th will be available for purchase. 6月14日開催予定の東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントのチケット一般販売が4月…

Join us for GW Online Announcement

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Please join us on TokyoTactical twitch on Saturday night to watch all together the live video of Warhammer Community concerning their big…

Reborn Event Rescheduled

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A second announcement concerning Tokyo Tactical Reborn event. 東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントに関しての第二のお知らせです。 After consulting within the team and also…

Reborn Event Updates

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An announcement concerning the Tokyo Tactical Reborn event in April 2020. 2020年4月開催予定の東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントに関するお知らせです。 The Tokyo Tactical Team…

ボーン トーナメント

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東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントのイベントパックを公開しました!こちらのリンクでどうぞ! 質問または意見がございましたらぜひコメントまたはevent@tokyotactical.comまでご連絡ください。 チケットはEventBriteにて販売中!

Reborn Event Pack

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Tokyo Tactical Reborn event pack is available now in English for you to read here; please look at it carefully and do not hesitate to send…

Early Bird Event Tickets

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Tickets for Tokyo Tactical Reborn will be available from March 16th through our shop sponsors at Arrows and Giant Hobby. Just head to their…

JTC First Preparation Event Lists

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アラタク (À l'Attaque) KFC (Kumagaya French Connection) Kikyo Team H&M (Harajuku & Motomachi)