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Citizens of Anturian, rejoice!

Citizens of Anturian, rejoice! アントゥリアンの民よ、歓喜せよ!

To aid us in our defense the Emperor has blessed us with not only the war machine of the Imperial Guard but we have learned that the indomitable force of the Adeptus Astartes themselves will soon walk upon our planet. To defend your home world alongside such heroes of the Imperium is the highest of sacred duties and the fall of the enemy is assured!

Join #us on our country wide campaign to help defend #Anturian system and make a difference for the world. All battle counts; and we just did open our second war zones.

You can download for free #Anturian mobile application on iOS and Android.



ここにアクセスして、iOS および Android 電話用の Anturian Wars モバイル アプリをダウンロードし、この国に参加してください- 各バトルがカウントされるワイド 40K キャンペーン