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HaruNoKaze Painting Contest Winners

HaruNoKaze Winners Announcement


The judge panel consisted of Tanya from 40KToday, Champi from Rising Sun GT and David from Tokyo Tactical. Tanya is not only a very talented painter but also gave an international view from outside our Japanese community.

審査員団は、40k TodayのTanya、Rising Sun GTのChampi、 Tokyo TacticalのDavidで構成されました。Tanyaは非常に才能のある画家であるだけでなく、私たちの日本人コミュニティの外から国際的な見方をしました。

Our judges were amazed with the skill level and diversity of all entries sent to HaruNoKaze painting competition. It was a great honor for them to select the best three for both single and other categories and it took them quite few exchanges before coming up with the final following ranking.


Official Sponsor: RedGrass Games

公式スポンサー:RedGrass Games

One word to thanks our official sponsor Redgrass Games for the great prizes which have been donated for this competition to complement with Tokyo Tactical ones.

このコンテストに東京タクティカルの賞品を補完するために寄付された素晴らしい賞品について、オフィシャルスポンサーであるRedgrass Gamesに感謝ししました。

HaruNoKaze Winners


Without more ado, here are the winners of this competition !


Single Category Winner: Alpharius from Ikeda Kentaro


This was the only entry around which all judges agreed from start, the clear winner of the contest. Kentaro has provided a masterful execution of miniature painting at almost all levels: light, color, atmosphere and brush control (tremendous NMM!). I really liked how the cold, yet lighter colors of Alpharius contrasted excellently with the unfortunate Space Marine and the base. A masterful piece, congratulations!

これは、すべての審査員が最初から同意したエントリであり、コンテストの明らかな勝者でした。ケンタロウは、光、色、雰囲気、ブラシコントロール(驚異的なNMM!)のほぼすべてのレベルで、ミニチュアペインティングの見事な実行を提供してきました。 Alphariusの寒くて明るい色が残念なSpace Marineとベースと見事に対比されているのが本当に気に入りました。素晴らしい作品、おめでとうございます!

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Other Category Winner: Realmgates Border Battle from Botanical


Wow, this looks like a proper diorama from Warhammer World itself! The quality and quantity of the painting across so many models is astounding and I especially was impressed by the excellent use of light, shadow and strong colours. This is what Warhammer should look like, congratulations!


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Single Category Second Place: Mangler Squigs from Garrett Kelsey


The Mangler Squigs are an excellent example of how colour can set your mini apart. The warm green, red and brown of the goblin riders really stands out against the icy blue of the squigs. The contrast is excellent between the shadows and the highlights as well. If the manglers' skin was wet blended or had more gradation in the drybrushing it would give the model a more polished look, but otherwise it is a fantastic piece.


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Other Category Second Place: Fiends of Slaneesh from Rich McCormick

その他のカテゴリ2位:Rich McCormickのSlaneeshの悪魔

Rich’s Fiends transmit the sensuality one would expect from an encounter with any daemon of Slaanesh. I especially liked the clear and clean color transitions, the different tones applied to the gold metal. The different skin tones gives a nice variety of color to the unit without breaking its unity too. The dribble on the Fiends’ tongues is a nice touch.


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Single Category Third Place: Archaon Everchosen of Chaos from Jon Williams


What impressed me most about this model was how the colours were so limited but so well controlled. The three heads blend perfectly into the body and when combined with the metalwork and the attention to detail on the scenic base this model really looks like it is alive in moving through the dark marshes.

このモデルで最も印象的だったのは、色が非常に限られていて、非常によく制御されている方法でした。 3つの頭は体に完璧に溶け込み、金属細工と組み合わせて、風光明媚なベースの細部への注意を払うと、このモデルは、暗い沼地を移動しているように見えます。

Other Category Third Place: The Autumnsong Grove Sylvaneth Army from Jeannie Kelsey

その他のカテゴリー3位:ジーニーケルシー の秋の歌の森 シルバネスアーミー

The sheer scale of the Autumnsong entry is impressive, but when you zoom in and take a closer look you see good consistency throughout all of the individual pieces. The colours are expertly picked to enhance the small details on the models, and the layers are very smooth. My only real critique is that I would have loved to see the highlights brought up an extra step to give the miniatures more depth.

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Special Judge Mention


Those entries did not finished inside the top 3 ranking, but our judges thought they still need to be mentioned due to their outstanding painting work and composition.


Changeling and Magister of Tzeentch from Nish ニッシュ


Nish has an excellent grasp of light and shadow, with good contrast between the highlights and the deep shadows on the miniatures. His colour theory is en pointe for both of his entries. I feel as though if his blending was a little bit more seamless and his edge highlights just a bit crisper he would have caught the eyes of the other judges as well.


Tyrannid Barbed Hierodule from Rudy Picardo


I was really impressed by the choice of colour on this model but special mention has to go to the cinematic video skills! With customised thematic terrain to match the model too this was a joy to watch and was very popular with the other judges too. Thank you!


Ork Mega Boss from ひろき


Hiroki's Mega Boss is brilliant in almost all aspects of miniature painting: good use of color theory with contrasting the blue and the green with the hair and axes's red-to-yellow transition. Amazing chess pattern freehand in very small areas, and fine and clean edge higllights. However, the level of definition applied to the armour is not kept uniformly along the whole piece. Overall, an outstanding work.


Watch the video of all those great painted miniatures


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