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Haru no Kaze Painting Contest

Hello friends of Tokyo Tactical!

In collaboration with Rising Sun we are proud to introduce Haru no Kazu, an online and free to enter painting contest for Japan resident only!

  • Single Miniature Category- 40k/AoS single miniature (necromunda, shadespire etc is ok too)
  • Open Category- anything made by GW that isn’t a single miniature. So a unit, full army, diorama or even terrain is ok!

How to enter

Take a photo AND a short video of your entry (so we can see it all!) and upload it to our website.

Entry is free of charge and you may only enter each category once. There will be a selection of special prizes available, so share with us your greatest models and let’s enjoy the hobby together!

Entries must be submitted before April 30th midnight so start right now!