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JTC 2020 - 2021 Season Announce

The JTC 2020 - 2021 Season has started! During all Tokyo Tactical monthly Skirmish events there will be dedicated WTC tables to allow teams and individuals to train and compete in order to be able to set up the 40K WTC Japan National Team by the end of April 2021.

JTC 2020-2021シーズンが始まりました!2021年4月末までに40K WTC日本代表チームを編成できるように、チームと個人がトレーニングと競技を行えるように、東京タクティカルの毎月のスカーミッシュイベントで専用のWTCテーブルが用意されます。

This season will culminate with a 3-day bootcamp where the selected team will train day and night during early May in order to fully prepare for the 40K World Team Championships which will take place in mid-August 2021.


If as a team or as an individual you want to participate in and be part of that 40K Japan National Team do not hesitate to contact us at and join our skirmish events. We are planning to visit some other regional local events in order to have the best representation for the national team.


We are looking forward to seeing some great local teams during our next Skirmish event in November 2020, check here on EventBrite if you do not have your tickets yet.