|40K Warlord

Mawgore’s Wildboyz Orks

What is the theme and playstyle of this army?


Smash em to pieces, preferably under foot, hoof or claw! I love the idea of the green tide, so it’s a boyz-heavy army with lots of close combat and not much subtlety. I love the idea of feral, wild snakebite tribes out in the wasteland, so I added lots of boars, wolves and....dinosaurs (courtesy of AoS!) to the army. I do like the idea of some sneaky Kommandos coming out of the shadows too, so I’ve added some Rambo-looking kitbashed boyz too.


What are some key units or rules which you use in this army?


The Stegadon! I run it rules-wise as a bonebreaka (the horns work nicely with the deathrolla rules), and have a squad of 4 meganobz with killsaws loaded inside, along with a Nob with Waaagh! Banner too. His rules ensure that the Meganobz still hit on 3+ which along with the Stegadon has helped kill daemon princes, Typhus and plenty of terminators.


Which model has your favourite paint job or conversion?


I do love my most recent addition, the Nobz on Warbikes conversion. It’s 5 Orks from the AoS boar riders set, but I’ve put them on cold ones instead to help keep the theme of them coming from a strange planet with dinosaur-like aliens... what could be more snakebite-y than that.


Finally, issue a challenge to other players!


Waaaaaaaagh! I love playing thematic, narrative games and it’s just great to put all the boyz on the table and have fun. Let me know and I’ll rally the troops.


WARLORD / ウォーロード


ARMY NAME / アーミー名

Mawgore’s Wildboyz / モーゴアのワイルドボーイズ


Snakebite Orks / スネークバイトオークス

TEAM / クラブチーム

Tha great WAAAAAAGH! / ザグレートグワーーーーーーッ!

LOCAL STORE/CLUB / ローカルゲームストア

Warhammer Store Harajuku / ウォーハンマーストア原宿