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Reborn Event Poll 8th or 9th edition

Tokyo Tactical team would like to ask our community about an important question; which edition would you like to play during Tokyo Tactical Reborn event on August 16th incase 9th edition (#new40k) is available just a few days before? 東京タクティカルはコミュニティに重要な質問をしたいと思います。 8月16日の東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントで、新しい9版(#new40k)が数日前に発売されるので、どのエディションでプレイしたいでしょうか?

On a side note Tokyo Tactical Reborn tickets are still available for purchase on; so do not forget to secure your place for this first 40K tournament in Japan of the year.