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Reborn Event Rescheduled in August

To all Tokyo Tactical Team,


Despite the lifting of the health emergency, it will not be possible to have our event on June 14th as scheduled as Tokyo municipality is not allowing recreational events.

We have secured an event place for August 16th and will reschedule our Reborn event to this date.


For all ticket holders, your event ticket is still valid and if you will like to have a refund just head to our event website to claim for it (all refund request will be 100% accepted).

チケットを購入した方はそのまま有効になります。 払い戻しをご希望の方はイベントのウェブサイトにて払い戻しできます(すべての払い戻し希望の方に全額払い戻しします

The Emperor protects !