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Reborn Event Rescheduled

A second announcement concerning Tokyo Tactical Reborn event.


After consulting within the team and also community center, it has been decided to postpone Tokyo Tactical Reborn to Sunday June 14th in order benefit for a better environment for our players and supporters.

皆さんの健康と安全を最優先を考えています。 そのため東京タクティカルチーム内と会場の運営側の検討の上、東京タクティカルリボーントーナメントを6月14日(日曜日)に延期することが決定しました。

For those already with a ticket for our event, that ticket is still valid for the event on June 14th and you still benefit from the one-day full refund. In case you will like to cancel your ticket, please send an email to and we will proceed with a full refund of your ticket.


Again we are 200% dedicated for a great 40K event on June 14th and looking forward to see all 40K players enjoying to compete against each other. We do have a list of prestigious sponsors that we will announce soon for the event along with some great prize.

6月14日に最高のイベントを開催できるように私たちは最善を尽くします。 皆さんのご参加をお待ちしています。 まだ公開されてない素敵なスポンサーや賞品を近日発表いたします。

In the meantime we are planning to organize some events and content online such as a painting competition and more media content, so watch this space.


Looking forward to seeing you all in person on June 14th and also joining our next online painting competition !


The Emperor protects !