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The Anturian Wars

Tokyo Tactical is proud to announce that in March 2021 we will launch a nationwide 40K campaign open to every player all around Japan. You will have the opportunity to make your battles count for the sake of the Anturian world. Whatever your battlefield, whether at home, in participating stores or during one of the sponsored events, all will help decide the fate of Anturian. Dedicated Anturian battles will be available during our March Skirmish event series.

Tokyo Tacticalより特報! 2021年3月より、日本全国のプレイヤーがご参加いただける規模のキャンペーン『アントゥリアン』をスタートします。

参加すれば、全国どこでも、戦場がどんな形であれ―― ご自宅でも、お店でも、関連イベントでも、全てのバトル結果がアントゥリアン・ワールドの命運を決める戦いの趨勢に反映されます。


More information on how to join the Anturian campaign will be posted on our social media and website so stay tuned for this great 2021 opportunity to make every one of your games counts!