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Tokyo Tactical Skirmish 1 / 東京タクティカルスカーミッシュ 1

Skirmish #1 in the books.

Another successful event, especially with our casual players who enjoyed playing against each other on beautiful tables.

Necrons, Ultramarines, and Custodes were a few of the armies that battled on deamon ice worlds or in the dense cityscape of a hive city.

スカーミッシュ#1は成功裏に完了! 競技テーブルとともに、カジュアルテーブルでは、ネクロン、ウルトラマリーン、カストーデスなどのアーミーが、ディーモンの氷の世界、そしてハイヴシティの密集した景観のテーブルで腕を競い合いました。

Some of our casual players even wrote a detailed battle report of their experience that you can find here showing their interest and enthusiasm for such skirmish settings.


Here is a short video to celebrate the last two skirmish events’ casual players and thank them for making it a success bringing new players to 40K! Who knows, maybe even to the competitive side of 40K one day.