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Tokyo Tactical Skirmish 2021 / 次回のスカーミッシュについて

Here is the line up for our skirmish event series in early 2021, with the same mix format of competitive (team WTC setup) and casual tables.


If you are new to 40K, the casual tables are perfect to enjoy one or multiple games during the day in a friendly atmosphere.


For the die hard competitive players, the team format allows you and some of your friends to test your skills against other 40K teams rolling dice around the Tokyo area.


Do not hesitate to book your place on EventBrite for our next Skirmish event on January 11th and / or book for the coming ones here

次回、1/11のスカーミッシュイベントのご予約をお忘れなく! EventBrite それ以降のイベントのご予約はこちらから!