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Tokyo Tactical Skirmish 4 / 東京タクティカルスカーミッシュ 4

Tickets are now available for the next Skirmish event on eventbrite here.

In order to follow the time restraints from the Emergency State of Health, our team has decided to shorten the event until 5pm and propose only two slots of a full 3 hours each so you can enjoy a pleasant playing experience.

Depending on the situation, it may even be possible to have a quick dinner together after the event around 6pm.

We will prepare two tables for casual play and six tables for WTC training. For the WTC, we will propose training with three different terrain layouts: one very dense one (table 2) and one with sparse terrain (table 8 / 1) which will challenge your skills and army composition. Do not hesitate to bring innovative new lists as this next event is more about training and experiencing.

Looking forward to see you on March 14th.




今回は、2つのカジュアルテーブルと6つのWTCトレーニングテーブルをご用意いたします。WTCトレーニングでは、参加者のスキルやアーミー編成を試すため、2種類のレイアウト――テレインの密集したもの(テーブル2)と、少なめのもの(テーブル8 / 1)をご用意します。 次回より深くトレーニングと経験を積むために、ぜひ、イノベーティブな新リストをご用意ください!