Tokyo Tactical Twitch

Dear friends of Tokyo Tactical, Tokyo Tactical is now hosting a list of ten different twitch channels on its twitch which you can access as soon as they are live here You can then enjoy all the ones like AoW40K, SkaredCast, Warhammer Community directly from our twitch and interact with our community while watching too! Enjoy it and stay safe

こんにちは!東京タクティカルがウォーハンマー関連のTwitchチャネルをホストします! そのチャネルが放送開始になりましたら ですぐ見れます!

AoW40K、SkaredCastやWarhammer Communityなどを我々のTwitchで見れます!そして一緒に見ている方との会話もできますので是非見てください!